Connecting with Belgian Chocolate Suppliers: A Sweet Deal for Importers

In the world of confectionery, Belgian chocolate stands head and shoulders above the rest, renowned for its quality, craftsmanship, and irresistible taste. But what if you could sweeten the deal further by connecting directly with suppliers that offer more than just chocolate? Enter Cand'art, a Belgian family-owned manufacturer that has been refining the art of hard candy since 1930. As importers look to diversify their offerings, connecting with Belgian chocolate suppliers like Cand'art can be the gateway to a confectionery bonanza.

Cand'art: A Name Synonymous with Sweet Success

Cand'art isn't your average chocolate supplier. They're a confectionery powerhouse specializing in hard sugar work with an international reputation for excellence. By connecting with suppliers like Cand'art, importers don't just get a piece of the pie – they get the whole dessert table. With a range of artisanal candies, from fruit-flavored lollies to mouth-watering traditional cuberdons, Cand'art brings diversity to importers’ shelves, offering a broader palette of flavors to entice customers.

The Sweet Art of Business with Cand'art

Let's talk shop. If you're an importer on the lookout for a supplier that values top-notch quality and innovative products, Cand'art is the partner you've been searching for. With the Matheï family at the helm, this chocolate and candy artisan has more than just recipes up its sleeve – it’s got a family tradition that includes human touch and a commitment to excellence.


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Here's why Cand'art stands out:

  • A Rich Heritage: Since its inception, Cand'art has stood the test of time, marrying tradition with modernity in the confectionery arts.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: Each candy crafted by Cand'art is a testament to the expertise of their sugar work specialists, ensuring every bite is a sweet revelation.
  • Innovation and Customization: Yearning for a one-of-a-kind taste sensation? Cand'art’s maître confiseur is at your service to bring your most imaginative candy concepts to life.

Connecting with Belgian Chocolate Suppliers: A Sweet Deal for Importers

Why should you, as an importer, form a collaboration with Cand'art? Because it’s not just about the chocolates and candies. It's about engaging with a supplier that breathes reliability, fosters long-term relationships, and constantly pushes the envelope in product innovation.

  • Brand Awareness: With an established name like Cand'art, incorporating their offerings into your inventory can elevate your brand’s prestige.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Stand out in the digital marketplace by associating with Cand'art and amplifying your online presence.
  • Word of Mouth Advertising: Exceptional products create buzz. Cand'art’s candies have stories and legacies that will have your customers talking.
  • Returning Clients: The unparalleled taste and quality consistency are what makes first-time buyers into loyal customers.
  • Lead Generation: With Cand'art’s diverse range, you’ll attract an array of clients, from nostalgic adults seeking a taste of the past to curious youngsters eager to explore new flavors.
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A Partnership as Sweet as Candy

Embracing Cand'art in your imports means more than just doing business; it's about becoming part of a sweet story, one that continues to be written with passion and dedication. Whether it's through their heritage brand Hirsch or the value-focused Cand'art line, there's a flavor for every palate, a candy for every occasion.

So why not reach out? Let's get talking and turn this into a fruitful partnership. Contact Cand'art at, dial in at +32 89 49 29 91, or drop by Spelverstraat 26a, 3740 Bilzen. Don’t forget to explore more at and learn how Cand'art can sweeten your import business today.

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