Taste in the spotlight: Matcha, a flavor that matches

Matcha, with its distinctive bright green color and rich history, is rapidly gaining popularity outside of traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. This finely ground powder form of specially grown and processed green tea has secured a unique place in both the hospitality and food production sectors. At Lecocq Flavours, we understand the fascination with matcha and have developed a personalized, customized approach to incorporating this flavour in a variety of products. Let's delve deeper into why matcha is more than a trend - it's a flavour that 'matches' with today's taste preferences.

What Makes Matcha So Unique?

Matcha has been appreciated in Japan for centuries, but it has experienced a worldwide renaissance as a 'superfood'. The quality of matcha is determined by the cultivation, harvest, and processing processes, which work together to create the depth of flavor and color intensity. Its natural umami taste, along with hints of plant sweetness and a slightly bitter undertone, makes matcha a versatile ingredient.


Smaak in de kijker: Matcha, een smaak die matcht - Lecocq Flavours

De zomer komt eraan en dan is Matcha wel een smaak die matcht.

Matcha in Modern Products

In today's culinary world, matcha is no longer limited to tea. It has found its way into latte drinks, desserts, baked goods, and even cocktails. At Lecocq Flavours, our R&D department has successfully developed matcha flavored aromas for use in:

  • Soft Drinks and Alcohol-Free Drinks: For a subtle green hue and a rich taste.
  • Ice Cream and Desserts: Where the calming taste of matcha complements the sweetness.
  • Bakery Products: From donuts to cakes, where the use of matcha provides a natural color and an authentic taste.
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The Challenges of Matcha Flavors

Incorporating matcha into a range of products brings challenges. As with any natural product, taste and color can vary depending on the quality and origin of the tea. That's why we at Lecocq Flavours focus on delivering a consistent matcha taste that can be reliably applied on a large scale.

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Our Role in Your Matcha-Inspired Product

Whether you want to enrich an existing product with a hint of matcha or develop a completely new line, our flavor experts are ready. We support you with:

  • Sample Development: Exact replication of the desired matcha flavor intensity.
  • Co-creation workshops: Together with our customers, we create the perfect matcha profile for their product.
  • Quality Guarantee: Thanks to our 'Made in Belgium' label, we assure only the best matcha aromas.

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De temperaturen klimmen boven de 20 graden en dat wil vooral één ding zeggen: tijd om ijsjes te smullen! Maar mag het eens wat meer zijn dan vanille of


Closing thoughts

The unmistakable profile of matcha offers a world of possibilities for the food and beverage industry. At Lecocq Flavours, we are just as passionate about innovation as we are about tradition. Matcha may well be firmly anchored in the past, but its future in taste innovation looks just as green as its color. Are you ready to embrace matcha in your product line? Contact us and discover how our custom-made matcha flavors can elevate your products to a higher level.

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